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About Navigation Inspiration

Customer Focus | Experience | Enthusiasm

Are you looking for a mature, business-savy, creative and resourceful individual to help you create a user-friendly, dynamic website for your small business?

Then Navigation Inspiration is your answer.  My name is Doreen Gibrich and, as owner and proprietor, I bring from my small business to yours:

  • 25+ years of Fortune 100 business experience,
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration,
  • 15 years of human resources experience,
  • Current website design training and
  • A creative, enthusiastic spirit.

As a small business owner you are required to "do it all." Yet, you may not want to tackle a "build it yourself" website package or spend thousands of dollars to work with a large corporate design firm. This is where Navigation Inspiration is your answer.

Located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, I will meet with you to review your requirements, plan your page content and launch, or refresh, your business on the world wide web. Additionally, if needed, I can pull in one or a team of resource professionals to build the site you want to showcase your business and fit into your budget.

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